Visual Display represents the imagery of beauty

One of the challenges of designing spaces for companies is to convey the “brand message” through design. Visual Display of Udine has been doing this for years, and “the way we design strategies and scenarios ensures that every aspect of the brand is valued – from essence to identity, visual and verbal, functions and operation – in order to achieve a solid result that immediately becomes a single and coherent voice across the market, and also across the spatial experience”.
This is the case of the global brand of professional cosmetics Germaine de Capuccini’s new headquarters in Udine, Italy. Visual Display was asked to take care of the interior design of spaces in the historic center of Udine, and more specifically of Palazzo Eden, a building that has undergone extensive renovations located on the former site of the Eden cinema , a Liberty-style building designed by Provino Valle in 1920 and demolished in 1958 to make way for the UPIM department store. The urban regeneration project makes the most of this historic location overlooking Piazza Libertà and Udine Castle.
Visual Display design for these spaces “evolves from one space to another, in a balanced succession of details and contrasts, always in the name of beauty and elegance.” This is why designers use curved and straight geometric lines, drawing from a harmonious and delicate color palette. The choice of materials used in the finishes plays an important role due to the focus on the skin, an essential aspect of any cosmetic line. Thus, the project incorporates highly tactile textured finishes, opaque and mirror materials, natural and high-tech, soft and sculptural”.
Customer journey through the the long, narrow showroom is marked at intervals by purple velvet sofas. The brand’s colors are in the spotlight, and its products are displayed on podiums covered with Alcantara and concrete. The beauty room features a custom-designed long wall with sinks and containers, where natural light creates an intimate and serene atmosphere for workers and clients.
Visual Display custom-designed a number of elements, such as the two sculptural elements in the company’s meeting room: a hanging grid of light that acts as a chandelier and a long black Fenix ​​table that can also be divided into separate tables if necessary.
The building offers many views of its urban surroundings, rooting this space seemingly suspended in time to its location in the city of Udine. The spaces are a tangible expression of the brand that occupies them, with all the class and elegance characteristic of the work of Visual Display, always focused on the user experience.

Christiane Burklein

Project: visual display
Location: Udine, Italy
Year: 2021
Images: Camille Bach

Edward N. Arrington