Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 release date, price and specs rumored

It’s been a while since Samsung updated its line of wireless headphones, but rumors are starting to surface suggesting the Galaxy Buds 3 might not be too far off. We’re rounding up all the latest news and leaks on these highly anticipated wireless buds.

When will the Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 be released?

Samsung does not yet know when the Galaxy Buds 3 will appear.

Technical Tipster chunvn8888 reports that Samsung intends to introduce new Galaxy Buds – potentially the Buds 3 – in August 2022 at one of the companies Unpacked events, most likely alongside the Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4. sense, as it would be around a year since the release of the Galaxy Buds 2.

To see how Samsung has planned its wireless earbud models in the past, here’s when they all launched:

There were also Plus, Live and Pro models that should be added to the equation. Here’s when they appeared:

Note that Buds Live also enjoyed a launch in August, two years ago – so could we see Buds Live 2 emerge this time around instead?

How much will the Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 cost?

With no confirmation from Samsung if the Galaxy Buds 3 even exist, we don’t have an official price for the expected product. To give us an idea, however, we can turn to the previous models:

  • Samsung Galaxy headphones: £139/$129/€139
  • Samsung Galaxy Buds 2: £139/$149/€149

As prices currently tend to go up rather than down, the best we can hope for is that Samsung sticks to the Buds 2 prices, especially since it would act as a differentiator if the company releases a Galaxy Buds. Plus 2, with the original Plus model priced at £159/$149/€159.

What features will we see in the Samsung Galaxy Buds 3?

Such has been the paucity of rumors surrounding the Galaxy Buds 3 that a few different tech sites have even suggested they may never appear. While it’s a possibility, a silver lining for Samsung fans is Lets Go Digital’s report that shows a patent application from the Korean company describing new Buds with biometric sensors.

The sensors would allow the Buds to potentially monitor health information about the wearer, including heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, and other possible metrics.

It’s unclear if these are the standard Buds 3 or maybe the Buds Live 2 or even the Buds Pro 2. While these features are unusual, we’ve seen them start to appear in devices like the Amazfit PowerBuds , but in this particular case, we found them. be quite imprecise in their measurements. Hopefully a few more years of development, not to mention Samsung’s know-how, could make this a more compelling addition to the Galaxy Buds 3.

Aside from these tidbits, there’s nothing else known so far about Samsung’s latest version of its Buds. As more details become available, we’ll update this article to include those results, so be sure to check back regularly. Until then, you can check out our guides to the best true wireless headphones to see which models we currently recommend.

Edward N. Arrington