It’s back to school

As stores selling school supplies are booming due to demand just before schools reopen for a new school year next week, the Consumer Protection Authority (CPA) is continuing its efforts to monitor markets in all governorates to ensure availability of items at the right prices.

Intensive inspection campaigns are carried out by specialized teams, made up of judicial control officers, in shopping centers and stationery stores, as well as in fabric and shoe stores, to ensure supplies and control promotions and discounts that come with the start of the school year.

Although most parents feel that the prices of school supplies have not increased, some say they are looking for the best deals. Over the next week, the markets will be teeming with parents and their children excited to buy new school supplies.

Here’s what Muscat Daily readers have to say about the cost of getting kids back to school.

Osama al Balushi, government employee

I don’t see reopening schools as a costly affair. Tuition fees are more or less affordable. It is often the one-time school projects that add to the expenses. But I understand that we cannot avoid them, because they are necessary for the growth of children.

Samuel K John, businessman/restaurant owner

I have a child and he goes to an Indian school. I don’t see such an increase or stress on my finances. However, there are some small increases and this can affect many people who have more than two children, as transport and school uniforms can become expensive.

Khalid al Khaldi, retired civil servant

For Oman, health and education are priorities. Unlike other countries where these two activities are considered a lucrative business, the prices in Oman are not very expensive, at least for Indian schools. I see no challenge. It is not too expensive to prepare children to start a new school term.

Mohammad Aslam, private sector employee

It is not very expensive to send children back to school. I don’t see much of a price increase in the essentials. Prices in Oman, mainly for educational institutions, are much regulated and supervised compared to other parts of the world.

Ravinder Pal, Salesperson

I agree that it is indeed difficult and costly to send our children back to school. There are price increases on many educational items, mainly books. I do my best to recycle books (from my colleagues’ children) but my children often don’t like to read used books. So I need to spend
new books, which are sometimes quite expensive.

Hamid al Abri, cashier

I have four children and they study in an international school. It is indeed very expensive – from books to other school essentials. In addition, the school has functions from time to time, which indeed increases the expense.

Akthar Khan, accountant

My kids are studying at Pakistan School Muscat and it’s not that expensive. Sometimes the price of books and other school items increases, but this is symbolic. However, one of the expenses that often increases in private school transport.

Edward N. Arrington