Get new OneOdio Monitor 60 headphones for a flight

OneOdio drastically cuts the price of the Monitor 60 headphones so you can get your own pair.

Music is so much better when you wear headphones designed by professionals for professionals. Well, the OneOdio Monitor 60 wired headphones are pretty awesome and you’ll want to own a pair!

With impressive hardware and crisp, clear sound, the OneOdio Monitor 60 headphones were recently released, and we already have a discount ready for you.

Save with OneOdio

The OneOdio Monitor 60 headphones retail for $79.99, but you get them for less.

Of course, shipping costs will add a bit to these prices, depending on where you live.

Monitor 60 for professionals and music lovers

The OneOdio 60 Monitor The earphones have been designed for professionals who have to wear them for many hours. Luckily for you, that means you’ll be able to use them for a full day without any kind of discomfort.

Whether you’re working in a recording studio, in post-production, or just can’t go a day at work without listening to your favorite music, the Monitor 60 headphones will perform flawlessly.

The headphones promise precise and balanced sound, thanks to the 50 mm drivers and the impedance of 38 ohms. When you wear them, you will be able to hear everything from bass to treble to vocals.

The headphones have an ergonomic design and a flexible headband. The earmuffs are shaped like an oval and are made of leather for a comfortable fit that molds to the shape of your ear. The material and shape will also help provide sound insulation whenever you’re in a noisy environment, making them perfect even when you’re in a cramped subway car.

You can flip the earmuffs 180° so they fit easily in your bag when not in use. Of course, this flexibility is also useful when you only need to listen with one noise-cancelling headset.

The box for OneOdio 60 Monitor includes earphones, user manual, PU bag, plus three aux cables with gold-plated plugs. One of the cables (3.5mm to 6.35mm) is coiled and stretches up to 3 meters, another is 3m long (3.5mm to 3.5mm) and the other (3.5mm to 3.5mm) is 1.3 meters long and also has a microphone, making it perfect for use with smartphones.

Enhance your music experience

Whether you are a music professional or a music enthusiast, the OneOdio Monitor 60 will be a perfect choice, so don’t miss the discount!

Edward N. Arrington