Fuel price protest expected to cause major traffic disruption

A protest by hauliers and truckers against soaring fuel prices is expected to cause significant disruption to traffic in Dublin on Monday.

The Irish People Against Fuel Prices said their planned action would be an “unending” protest.

The group expects convoys of vehicles to use a number of motorways into Dublin city center on Monday morning.

They had previously staged two protests in the capital before Christmas which led to traffic problems.

The organization said it was made up of a group of “truck companies struggling to stay afloat” but are not affiliated with Ireland’s official road transport association.

Members are expected to congregate on a number of routes at 3am on Monday before heading to Dublin. A pedestrian protest is also planned for 9am on O’Connell Street.

In a Facebook post, the group said: “We are a group of trucking companies struggling to stay afloat and we have come together, along with farmers, bus companies, taxis and the general public to protest against the price of being in business and the cost of living is not affordable.

“We are all in crisis.

How do people get to school or work? How are the elderly and disadvantaged supposed to pay for these increases?

“Not just diesel, gasoline, but electricity and gas. It is excruciating the situations families will find themselves in, having to choose between food, heating and transportation,” the post said.

“Our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents didn’t work hard all their lives and pay taxes so that we lived in poverty.”

Last year lorry drivers took part in a protest on Dawson Street in Dublin city center demanding lower fuel prices (Niall Carson/PA)

The group said they wanted a peaceful protest and apologized in advance for the inconvenience.

They called for a price cap on petrol, diesel and heating oil and the removal of the carbon tax.

Gardaí said it is aware of the protest and will have an “appropriate and proportionate” plan to monitor it.

Previous protests held in December led to heavy congestion and temporary closures with vehicles blocking the area around Dublin Port.

Edward N. Arrington