Feelworld’s LUT7 monitor features waveform, vectorscope and super bright 2200 nits touchscreen

I’ve become a huge fan of the Feelworld monitors over the past few months. While they don’t always offer the bells and whistles of some high-end field monitors, they do offer excellent value for money, especially if all you need from a monitor is to check composition and development. But Feelworld has now stepped up its game with the new LUT7 monitor, offering touchscreen user interface, waveform, vectorscope and LUT support. We stopped by their booth at IBC 2019 to learn more.

The Feelworld LUT7 is, as the name suggests, a 7″ field monitor with a wide viewing angle, thanks to the IPS panel display with 2,200 nits of brightness (the same as the FW279 we recently got examined). It’s 1920×1200 resolution, but accepts 4K signals and offers 4K HDMI passthrough. In addition to HDMI, it also has SDI input/output.

The name would also suggest that the camera supports 3D LUTs, and it does. Custom LUTs can be loaded via SD cards via an SD card slot built into the monitor. LUT support is only one of the advantages LUT7 offers over FW279, however. The 2,200-nit IPS panel built into the LUT7 is also a touchscreen, featuring a few “virtual sliders” for quickly adjusting monitor brightness and volume, as well as on-screen menus for changing settings or turning on and off. support functions. . And as for assist functions, along with the usual histogram, focus peaking, zebra stripes, false color, etc., the LUT7 also offers the waveform display and of the vectorscope. A big advantage over their entry level monitors.

LUT7 also offers advantages in terms of power. On the back are a pair of slots for Sony NP-F style batteries. However, you don’t need to have two batteries plugged into the camera at the same time. The monitor uses one battery slot first, then the other, which means you can hot-swap the batteries while you work to avoid power loss. This can be very important because the monitor also has a DC output jack to power your camera or other devices.

Feelworld also showed us the FW278S. It is a slightly scaled down version of LUT7. It’s basically identical in appearance and also offers a 7″ IPS screen, but it has a slightly darker display, although it still boasts a pretty impressive 1,200 nits of brightness. It does not have the touchscreen functionality, LUT support, waveform or vectorscope of the LUT7, but it will also come at a lower price than the LUT7.

Feelworld is also working on an external recorder and an HDMI transmitter. There is no information on these yet, other than the fact that they are coming. Pricing and exact release dates for both monitors have yet to be announced, but we’ll update you on all of these as we find out more.

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Edward N. Arrington