Democrats care about your finances

Posted: 10/29/2022 07:05:43

Modified: 29/10/2022 07:05:23

If Republicans are elected midterm, their solution to inflation will be to give tax cuts to big business and the wealthy. The federal deficit has fallen to $1.4 trillion under Biden. The largest ever drop in the federal deficit. The deficit has climbed every year under Trump, mainly because of tax cuts for the wealthy. Another Republican plan is to privatize Social Security and Medicare. In August, Don Bolduc, speaking about Medicare and Medicare, specifically said that “privatization is extremely important” and that government money needs to be taken away from it. He did not say what his plan would be for these important programs.

Under Biden, Social Security benefits are increasing by an average of more than $140 per month (or 8.7%) starting in January. This is a cost of living adjustment. Democrats understand inflation and that government is there to serve all Americans, not just the wealthy. Gas prices are rising and Joe Biden is blamed. It is true that the cost for large companies has increased but their profits are still very high. Shell and Exxon have made $9 billion in profits over the past six months. It is corporate greed that drives us to pay more at the pump. Gas companies don’t have to raise prices, they use inflation as an excuse. Vote on Election Day for you and your community.

Nancy Dowey


Edward N. Arrington