Collins Aerospace wins orders for 20 Griffin-2 visual display systems

Raytheon Technologies’ Collins Aerospace Systems Company has secured orders for the supply of 20 new Griffin-2 Visual Display Systems (VDS).

The updated VDS will launch with two undisclosed fast jet schedules in the Asia Pacific region.

The company will deliver all 20 systems over the next five years. It will also offer continued support until 2030.

Griffin-2 builds on the company’s original Griffin rear-projection dome, which has served as an immersive 360⁰ training system for over a decade.

Featuring an open architecture, Griffin-2 delivers an ultra-high resolution, brightness and contrast trainer experience for fast military jets.

The VDS can be used with different types of projectors and offers ease of modification and upgrade to meet exercise requirements.

It provides a fully integrated display and affordable image generator with reduced lifecycle costs.

Nick Gibbs, vice president and general manager of Collins Aerospace Simulation Solutions and Services, said: “With ten years of experience in display systems, Collins Aerospace knows the critical role VDS plays in pilot training for fast jets and we have continued to improve our offerings with the latest technology and streamlined design.

“The Griffin-2 takes fast jet training to the next level with increased performance and provides the fighter with the highest training fidelity on the market.”

In October, Collins Aerospace was selected by the USAF to equip the F-15 fleet with its ACES 5 ejection seat.

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