City of Bryan monitors soaring fuel costs and prepares next year’s budget

BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) – The City of Bryan is watching gas and diesel prices closely, as are we all. The city is still preparing its budget for the next fiscal year and currently has no draft amendments in the current budget.

The good news is that they don’t plan to cut services due to higher fuel costs.

“We have savings in most of our departments for various reasons. We monitor it. We will probably go a little over budget in a few departments due to fuel. But I don’t think overall it will affect the general fund enough to make a budget amendment, but we’ll definitely be watching that,” Bryan’s CFO Will Smith said.

For 2022, the city has budgeted just over $1 million in fuel. For 2023, they’re looking at around $1.4-1.5 million. The city’s new fiscal year begins October 1.

The City of College Station sent this fuel cost monitoring statement.

In addition to many commodities, fuel prices have continued to rise this year and have impacted citizens, businesses and public service providers, including the City of College Station. Key city departments such as police, fire/EMS, public works, solid waste, electrical, water/wastewater, and parks and recreation use vehicles and equipment to deliver city services every day. Fuel is essential to provide these services. Earlier this year, the fuel budget was increased by $726,700 to meet actual and anticipated cost increases. The original budget for fuel this year was $1.4 million and the revised budget is $2.1 million. Additional funds are available in municipal reserves. As next year’s budget is prepared, further increases in fuel costs are expected. Operations continue to be monitored and evaluated to ensure they are delivered effectively and efficiently. Additionally, we will continue to monitor fuel prices and determine what action to take to address cost increases while continuing to provide key services.

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Edward N. Arrington