Buganda joins Nucafe to boost coffee production

Buganda Kingdom, through Buganda Investments and Commercial Undertakings Limited (BICUL) and the National Union of Agribusiness and Coffee Farmers (Nucafe) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to boost coffee production and improve incomes farmers’ households by positioning them well in the coffee value chain.

Robert Mugenyi Musenze, Managing Director of Buganda Cultural and Development Foundation Limited, (BUCADEF) told Seeds of Gold: “We appreciate Nucafe’s working methods and objectives and their efforts to boost coffee production and household incomes. coffee growers. We therefore believe that the working relationship we have started will further increase farmers’ incomes and general well-being. »

Support coffee plantations
Musenze believes, for example, that Nucafe is well placed to help coffee farmers with issues such as planning to keep coffee farms as family businesses, even after the head of the family has passed away. He also mentioned Nucafe’s emphasis on farmer ownership of coffee.
For some time now, Mwanyi Terimba Ltd has been buying coffee from groups of farmers and exporting it.

Adding value
“We are looking for added value that will make our coffee more attractive and valuable,” says Charles Kironde, Managing Director of Mwanyi Terimba Ltd. “Nucafe has very good coffee grading equipment at Namanve in Kampala where we also have offices and a warehouse for our coffee. By establishing a formalized working relationship with Nucafe, as we have done, we hope to grade coffee collected from farmers using Nucafe’s equipment and export it at much better prices. It also means better prices for farmers, among other benefits,” says Kironde.

Goal by Mwanyi Terimba
Mwanyi Terimba Ltd under the Kingdom of Buganda is committed to educating grassroots farmers on the importance of good seed selection, proper agronomy and hygienic post-harvest handling of the crop in order to compete well for high international prices.

“That’s why we tell our farmers to plant cloned Robusta coffee plants from licensed coffee nurseries. This results in large coffee beans that are preferred by buyers in the export market. Other than that, cloned coffee has a much higher yield and fruiting takes place much, much earlier than the so-called elite varieties,” says Kironde.
Joseph Nkandu, the executive director of Nucafe, told Seeds of Gold: “We couldn’t find a better partner to work with in the central region than the kingdom of Buganda.

He said that by partnering with Nucafe, Buganda Kingdom is poised to harness better utilization of resources and entrepreneurial talents to benefit all coffee farmers in the region. “At Nucafe, we have a well-trained workforce in coffee production and processing in addition to the infrastructure consisting of factories and machinery for primary processing, processing, secondary processing and tertiary processing “, explains Nkandu.
Nkandu says Nucafe has a strong historical track record in policy advocacy, having successfully convinced the Ugandan government to come up with the first-ever National Coffee Policy 2013 and the National Coffee Act 2021.

“We can now take legal action against people who mismanaged the coffee harvest, which was not possible before,” he says. He further notes that the creation of more than 200 community coffee grower associations and cooperatives has made Nucafe a numerically strong representative of the country’s coffee growers. In recent years, Nucafe has introduced a new way of spacing Robusta coffee trees in the garden that can double coffee productivity per acre.

Gerald Ssendaula, chairman of Nucafe and former finance minister, welcomed Buganda Kingdom’s decision. “We have the machinery and equipment to add value to coffee that BUCADEF and Mwanyi Terimba Ltd can leverage to increase farmers’ incomes,” he says.
“We have a coffee processing factory in Lwamaggwa in Rakai district. We have another in Kabonera in Masaka district. Then we have a state-of-the-art factory at Namanve in Kampala where we process coffee for export. So, Buganda Kingdom couldn’t find a better partner than Nucafe because, after all, we have almost similar goals.

The agreement
According to the Memorandum of Understanding recently signed in Bulange, Buganda Kingdom and Nucafe will jointly participate in the activities concerning the cultivation, promotion and production of coffee organized by the two parties.

The two parties will further participate and jointly organize training sessions for coffee growers and traders along the coffee value chain, as well as the exchange of learning programs between the two parties.
Both will feature coffee product innovations branded with totems, counties, and more. of the Kingdom. They will jointly own seed farms and nurseries in addition to supporting campaigns independent of either party regarding the cultivation, promotion and production of coffee.

Edward N. Arrington