Attention patients: Prices of insulin, 800 essential drugs increased by 10.76%

Inflation hit the healthcare system very hard, with the prices of 800 essential drugs, including insulin, rising by 10.76%.

Some of the drugs that have become more expensive include paracetamol, azithromycin, ciprofloxacin hydrochloride, and insulin.

“Based on WPI (Wholesale Price Index) data provided by the Office of the Economic Adviser to the Department of Trade and Industry, the annual change in WPI amounts to 10.76607% in calendar year 2021 compared to the corresponding period in 2020,” the NPPA Notice said.

Following this, the prices of more than 800 drugs included in the national list of essential medicines, used to treat fever, infections, skin diseases, high blood pressure, anemia and heart diseases, are expected to increase. 10.7% from April 1.

“This is brought to the attention of all concerned for further action in accordance with the provisions of the Medicines (Price Control) Order 2013,” he added. The Authority announces the change of WPI every year, by The Drugs (Price Control) Order, 2013, or DPCO, 2013.

The National List of Essential Medicines (NLEM), for which the NPPA has the authority to set the ceiling price, includes common medicines and medical devices such as paracetamol tablets, azithromycin tablets, oral rehydration salts, glucose injections and contraceptives such as copper IUDs and condoms. . It also contains insulin injections, vitamin C tablets and multivitamin tablets.

Last year, the National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority announced a 0.53% increase in the wholesale price index, compared to 1.88% in 2020. In 2019 and 2018, it was 4.26% and 3 .43%, respectively.

In October 2021, the drug price regulator had set price caps for 12 generic diabetes medicines, including glimepiride tablets, glucose injections and intermediate-acting insulin solution.

“To enable every Indian to afford medical treatment for diseases like Diabetes, NPPA has taken a successful step by setting ceiling prices for 12 generic anti-diabetic drugs,” NPPA tweeted.

As part of this, the ceiling price of metformin immediate release tablet 500mg has been set at Rs 1.51 per tablet, while that of 750mg is Rs 3.05 per tablet and 1000mg at 3, Rs 61 per tablet.

For metformin controlled release tablet of 1000mg strength, the ceiling price has been set at Rs 3.66 per tablet, the NPPA said. He added that the same for the 750mg strength was capped at Rs 2.4 per tablet and Rs 1.92 per tablet for the 500mg strength metformin controlled release tablet.

The price of glimepiride tablet of 1mg strength has been set at Rs 3.6 per tablet, while that for 2mg is Rs 5.72 per tablet.

Edward N. Arrington