165Hz gaming monitor goes affordable at $160

Today, ViewSonic is introducing a new budget-focused OMNI high-end gaming monitor that comes with a 24-inch screen size, 165Hz refresh rate, and 1080p resolution. There’s a lot to like about this monitor, especially the price as it barely comes $160. What else does this display bring? Let’s take a closer look.

165Hz gaming monitors are finally affordable

For a very long time, high refresh rate monitors were always something that only premium setups had. No matter the resolution, going above 60Hz was going to cost you. However, this is no longer the case. by ViewSonic latest OMNI curved monitor is just the latest in a long line of ever-decreasing prices on high-end gaming monitors that aren’t quite as high-end anymore.

For specs, this monitor is quite feature-rich for its price range. It comes with a beginner-friendly 1080p resolution, which, while not the highest end, is still sufficient for most gaming setups. The screen itself offers a response time of 1ms and AMD’s FreeSync Premium tear-free technology, if you have a compatible AMD GPU. On top of that, this gaming monitor boasts a 165Hz refresh rate, which means it’s more than double the refresh rate of traditional monitors, which only come in at 60Hz. It also sports a both HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.2 on the rear paired with an audio out port as there are no built-in speakers here.

“We have seen great momentum in esports and an increase in demand as new technology hardware is developed to complement the OMNI lineup. With ViewSonic OMNI monitors, we offer a range of products that can achieve great price points while delivering the features, technologies and functionality that gamers and aspiring esports players demand,” said Jeff Muto, Director of the line of business at ViewSonic. “The OMNI VX2418C gaming monitor delivers smooth gameplay and incredible responsiveness that allows budding gamers to upgrade their setup without breaking the bank.”

The latest from ViewSonic 24 inch 1080p 165Hz OMNI Gaming Monitor can be purchased for $159.99 at a time Amazon and direct of the company, although it is currently out of stock, probably due to its added value.

Taken from 9to5Toys

It’s nice to finally see high-end monitors come down to more affordable prices. It’s hard enough to drive 1440p 144Hz, so most offices can easily get away with using 1080p instead. The 165Hz refresh rate here is also nice as it beats the normal 120/144Hz offerings, giving you a bit more performance for your money.

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Edward N. Arrington